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Pattison Silica Proppants

Our silica proppants are made of a high-purity quartz sand that is very durable and very round. They are crush-resistant, and are produced for use by the petroleum industry. Pattison produces proppants that meet specific completion project specifications. Our proppants are perfectly spherical, quartzite sand that meets stringent quality specifications.

Also known as Northern White, frack sand, hydro fracturing sand, geo-thermal sand, and coarse sand,  Pattison’s proppants aer produced from the St. Peters Formation. Proppants produced from this formation have superior physical properties than other Northern White proppants. 

St. Peter Sandstone

St. Peter Sandstone, a sedimentary rock formation belonging to the Ordovician System, is composed almost entirely of silica in the form of quartz sand grains. Grains are well-sorted, friable, ultra-pure, fine-to medium-grained, quartzose sandstone with silica content higher than 99 weight percent.

Exceptional Quality Silica Proppants

Pattison proppants are sourced from our Clayton IA Ordovician St Peter Limestone Mine.  Material is extracted from the Sandstone layer offering superior properties to proppants from outside of the St Peter formation. Stringent testing and quality assurance procedures ensure that Pattison proppants meet the highest performance specifications, and are certified by ISO & API. 

20/40 Silica Proppant

Also called sand or coarse sand, is produced from a very high quality Ordovician St. Peter Sandstone

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30/50 Silica Proppant

A spherical quartz sand proppant made produced for use by the oil & gas petroleum industry.

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40/70 Silica Proppant

A perfectly spherical, quartzite sand that meets the most stringent quality specifications...

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100 mesh Silica Proppant

A fine proppant that out performs material produced from outside the St Peter formation...

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Our quarry is located in Clayton, IA. We are one of the only sources of Aggregates and Proppants that can load directly to Rail, Truck or Barge from the same facility! Our logistic & delivery systems out pace our competitors. We'd love to hear from you!

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Pattison High Quality Aggregates and Proppants

Pattison produces high quality ordovician dolomitic limestone Aggregates and silica proppants.  Our Clayton IA, quarry contains multiple limestone ledges yielding material with a variety of properties that meet various requirements.  Our products are certified for use by multiple state Departments of Transportation, and the FAA.

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