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Pattison Announces Army Corp of Engineers Project

Pattison Company is excited to be able to assist the US Army Corp. of Engineers in the Missouri River Recovery Program at the Lower Hamburg Bend Conservation Area. Our aggregate products, specifically rip-rap, is being used for stream bank reconstruction and stabilization along an old Missouri River chute that is crucial to the existence of[...]

Pattison Announces Major Refinancing Package

Today, Pattison announced the closing of a $17 million credit facility funded by Amerisource Business Capital. CLAYTON, IOWA: – Pattison Company, a leading provider of high-quality industrial sand, construction aggregate, armor stone and rail car storage, will use the proceeds to refinance existing term debt and equipment debt, new projects, and working capital. Kyle Pattison, CEO and[...]

What is the , and what makes aggregates from this formation better than others?

If you're not a geologist or paleontologist, you may not be familiar with the term “,” but rest assured it's actually quite simple. “Ordovician” refers to a time period within the Paleozoic era, during which the Ordovician formation was created. The Ordovician formation is a very large layer of uniquely formed limestone, which possesses a[...]

People say that Dolomitic Limestone is better, but what exactly is Dolomitic Limestone and how/why is it better than regular Limestone?

Like many of you, I've been curious as to what exactly the difference between the two is, so I did some research and here is what I found. Simply put, Dolomitic Limestone is just a variant of Limestone (a sedimentary rock), consisting of mainly magnesium calcium carbonate instead of calcite and aragonite. Dolomitic Limestone is[...]

Triumph on the Turkey River

Late on the night of March 14, 2019, large chunks of ice pressed against each other near the mouth of Iowa's Turkey River, forming a dam and causing the river to rise by six feet in mere minutes. Five spans of the bridge on CP's Marquette Subdivision main line across the river were lifted as[...]

Pattison Commissions New Tunnel Feeder Plant

Pattison Sand Company is days away from commissioning a $2,200,000 tunnel feeder plant to enhance their aggregate production facility while improving quality and response time to customers. Pattison Sand has long been known for its innovative approach to problem solving. The project has been under development for 16 months. The tunnel feeder idea was born[...]

Rod Blum Visits Pattison

Congressman Rod Blum, Pattison Company, Pattison Sand Company, Pattison, Aggregates, Iowa Limestone, Ordovician Dolomitic Limestone Throughout the tour, they were able to learn more about the Sands and Aggregates business and the rail expansion project underway and already in use at the facility. "I had no idea how big this operation has become," said Congressman[...]

Progressive Rail Partners with Pattison

Progressive Rail Partners with Pattison. Oct 23rd, 2017 - Not all rocks are created equal and Pattison  has a quarry footprint spanning 750 acres of new rock to prove it. This new product can catapult your company out of the old stone age. The quarry is primarily comprised of dolomitic limestone. Dolomitic limestone is a term used for[...]

for Pattison

A new Rail Spur for Pattison The Iowa Department of Transportation approved more than $1,100,000.00 in funding to support a rail-expansion project by Pattison Sand Co., according to the Telegraph Herald. The company will receive a $700,482 loan and $252,000 grant through the DOT's Railroad Revolving Loan and Grant Program. The funds will help the company[...]

Pattison High Quality Aggregates and Proppants

Pattison produces high quality ordovician dolomitic limestone Aggregates and silica proppants.  Our Clayton IA, quarry contains multiple limestone ledges yielding material with a variety of properties that meet various requirements.  Our products are certified for use by multiple state Departments of Transportation, and the FAA.

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