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Rip Rap

Pattison produces all classes of rip rap that will meet both individual state DOT and Army Corp of Engineers District specifications.

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Concrete Stone

During non-freezing conditions, Pattison produces washed concrete stone to state DOT specifications required for a variety of highway and other projects.

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Ballast Rock

Pattison produces both sub-ballast and ballast rock suitable for industrial rail siding projects including for its own unit train rail expansion.

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Washed or Dry Mfg. Sand

Pattison produces washed and dry manufactured sand to meet our customer's specifications for various construction applications.

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Asphalt Stone

Pattison can produce a variety of hot mix asphalt stone and chip sizes based upon individual customer requirements.

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Bedding Stone

Throughout the year, Pattison produces clean screened bedding stone to specification for utility and pipeline fill construction projects.

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