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Wall rocks
Rock units on either side of an orebody. The hangingwall and footwall rocks of an orebody.
That rock or mineral which must be removed from a mine to keep the mining scheme practical, but which has no value.
Water Gauge (standard U-tube)
Instrument that measures differential pressures in inches of water.
A technique of directing a diamond drill hole in a desired direction away from its current orientation.
Fracturing and lowering of the roof strata at the face as a result of mining operations, as in taking weight.
White damp
Carbon monoxide, CO. A gas that may be present in the afterdamp of a gas- or coal-dust explosion, or in the gases given off by a mine fire; also one of the constituents of the gases produced by blasting. Rarely found in mines under other circumstances. It is absorbed by the hemoglobin of the blood to the exclusion of oxygen. One-tenth of 1% (.001) may be fatal in 10 minutes.
The thickness of a lode measured at right angles to the dip.
The excavation, loading, and removal of coal or ore from the ground; winning follows development.
Secondary or tertiary vertical or near-vertical opening sunk from a point inside a mine for the purpose of connecting with a lower level or of exploring the ground for a limited depth below a level.
Wire rope
A steel wire rope used for winding in shafts and underground haulages. Wire ropes are made from medium carbon steels. Various constructions of wire rope are designated by the number of strands in the rope and the number of wires in each strand. The following are some common terms encountered: airplane strand; cablelaid rope; cane rope; elevator rope; extra-flexible hoisting rope; flat rope; flattened-strand rope; guy rope; guy strand; hand rope; haulage rope; hawser; hoisting rope; lang lay rope; lay; left lay rope; left twist; nonspinning rope; regular lay; reverse-laid rope; rheostat rope; right lay; right twist; running rope; special flexible hoisting rope; standing rope; towing hawser; transmission rope.
Witness post
A claim post placed on a claim line when it cannot be placed in the corner of a claim because of water or difficult terrain.
Working face
Any place in a mine where material is extracted during a mining cycle.
Working place
From the outby side of the last open crosscut to the face.
Working section
From the faces to the point where coal is loaded onto belts or rail cars to begin its trip to the outside.
The entire system of openings in a mine for the purpose of exploitation.

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