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A fissure, fault or crack in a rock filled by minerals that have travelled upwards from some deep source.
Rate of airflow in lineal feet per minute.
A seller. In the case of mining companies, the consideration paid for properties purchased is often a block of treasury shares. These shares are termed vendor shares and are normally pooled or escrowed.
The provision of a directed flow of fresh and return air along all underground roadways, traveling roads, workings, and service parts.
The breaking of any state or federal mining law.
Unworked; untouched; often said of areas where there has been no coal mining.
Visible gold
Native gold which is discernible, in a hand specimen, to the unaided eye.
A general term for pore space or other reopenings in rock. In addition to pore space, the term includes vesicles, solution cavities, or any openings either primary or secondary.
Volatile matter
The gaseous part, mostly hydrocarbons, of coal.
Volcanic rocks
Igneous rocks formed from magma that has flowed out or has been violently ejected from a volcano.
A term used to describe the volcanic origin of mineralization.
A small cavity in a rock, frequently lined with well-formed crystals. Amethyst commonly forms in these cavities.

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