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Safety fuse
A train of powder enclosed in cotton, jute yarn, or waterproofing compounds, which burns at a uniform rate; used for firing a cap containing the detonation compound which in turn sets off the explosive charge.
Safety lamp
A lamp with steel wire gauze covering every opening from the inside to the outside so as to prevent the passage of flame should explosive gas be encountered.
The act of introducing metals or minerals into a deposit or samples, resulting in false assays. Done either by accident or with the intent of defrauding the public.
A small portion of rock or a mineral deposit taken so that the metal content can be determined by assaying.
Cutting a representative part of an ore (or coal) deposit, which should truly represent its average value.
A sedimentary rock consisting of quartz sand united by some cementing material, such as iron oxide or calcium carbonate.
The act of removing loose slabs of rock from the back and walls of an underground opening, usually done with a hand-held scaling bar or with a boom-mounted scaling hammer.
An escarpment, cliff or steep slope along the margin of a plateau, mesa or terrace.
A foliated metamorphic rock the grains of which have a roughly parallel arrangement; generally developed by shearing.
Scintillation counter
An instrument used to detect and measure radioactivity by detecting gamma rays; more sensitive than a geiger counter.
A rubber tired-, battery- or diesel-powered piece of equipment designed for cleaning runways and hauling supplies.
Any of several forms of chemical/physical devices that remove sulfur compounds formed during coal combustion. These devices, technically know as flue gas desulfurization systems, combine the sulfur in gaseous emissions with another chemical medium to form inert sludge, which must then be removed for disposal.
A stratum or bed of coal.
Secondary enrichment
Enrichment of a vein or mineral deposit by minerals that have been taken into solution from one part of the vein or adjacent rocks and redeposited in another.
Secondary roof
The roof strata immediately above the coalbed, requiring support during the excavating of coal.
A portion of the working area of a mine.
Sedimentary rocks
Secondary rocks formed from material derived from other rocks and laid down under water. Examples are limestone, shale and sandstone.
Seismic prospecting
A geophysical method of prospecting, utilizing knowledge of the speed of reflected sound waves in rock.
Selective mining
The object of selective mining is to obtain a relatively high-grade mine product; this usually entails the use of a much more expensive stopping system and high exploration and development costs in searching for and developing the separate bunches, stringers, lenses, and bands of ore.
Self-contained breathing apparatus
A self-contained supply of oxygen used during rescue work from coal mine fires and explosions; same as SCSR (self-contained self rescuer).

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