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A dark, coarse-grained igneous rock.
Lead sulphide, the most common ore mineral of lead.
A horizontal or a nearly horizontal underground passage, either natural or artificial.
A unit of measurement of magnetic intensity.
The worthless minerals in an ore deposit.
Any of various processes by which coal is turned into low, medium, or high Btu gases.
Gathering conveyor; gathering belt
Any conveyor which is used to gather coal from other conveyors and deliver it either into mine cars or onto another conveyor. The term is frequently used with belt conveyors placed in entries where a number of room conveyors deliver coal onto the belt.
Geiger counter
An instrument used to measure the radioactivity that emanates from certain minerals by means of a Geiger-Mueller tube.
The study of the chemical properties of rocks.
One who studies the constitution, structure, and history of the earth's crust, conducting research into the formation and dissolution of rock layers, analyzing fossil and mineral content of layers, and endeavoring to fix historical sequence of development by relating characteristics to known geological influences (historical geology).
The science concerned with the study of the rocks which compose the Earth.
Geophysical survey
A scientific method of prospecting that measures the physical properties of rock formations. Common properties investigated include magnetism, specific gravity, electrical conductivity and radioactivity.
The study of the physical properties of rocks and minerals.
Pertains to the heat of the Earth's interior.
Glacial drift
Sedimentary material that has been transported by glaciers.
Glacial striations
Lines or scratches on a smooth rock surface caused by glacial abrasion.
Global climate change
This term usually refers to the gradual warming of the earth caused by the greenhouse effect. Many scientists believe this is the result of man-made emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) and methane, although there is no agreement among the scientific community on this controversial issue.
Glory hole
An open pit from which ore is extracted, especially where broken ore is passed to underground workings before being hoisted.
A layered or banded crystalline metamorphic rock, the grains of which are aligned or elongated into a roughly parallel arrangement.
The term applied to that part of the mine from which the coal has been removed and the space more or less filled up with waste. Also, the loose waste in a mine. Also called goaf.

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