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Day order
An order to buy or sell shares, good only on the day the order was entered.
The area around the shaft collar where men and materials enter the cage to be lowered underground.
A sloping underground opening for machine access from level to level or from surface; also called a ramp.
Deferred charges
Expenses incurred but not charged against the current year's operation.
Demonstrated reserves
A collective term for the sum of coal in both measured and indicated resources and reserves.
An accounting device, used primarily in tax computations. It recognizes the consumption of an ore deposit, a mine's principal asset.
Mineral deposit or ore deposit is used to designate a natural occurrence of a useful mineral, or an ore, in sufficient extent and degree of concentration to invite exploitation.
The periodic, systematic charging to expense of plant assets reflecting the decline in economic potential of the assets.
The word alone generally denotes vertical depth below the surface. In the case of incline shafts and boreholes it may mean the distance reached from the beginning of the shaft or hole, the borehole depth, or the inclined depth.
Specialized chemical or electronic instruments used to detect mine gases.
A device containing a small detonating charge that is used for detonating an explosive, including, but not limited to, blasting caps, exploders, electric detonators, and delay electric blasting caps.
Underground work carried out for the purpose of opening up a mineral deposit. Includes shaft sinking, crosscutting, drifting and raising.
Development drilling
drilling to establish accurate estimates of mineral reserves.
A common basic igneous rock usually occurring in dykes or sills.
The hardest known mineral, composed of pure carbon; low-quality diamonds are used to make bits for diamond drilling in rock.
Diamond drill
A rotary type of rock drill that cuts a core of rock that is recovered in long cylindrical sections, two cm or more in diameter.
Diamond driller
A person who operates a diamond drill.
Diffuser fan
A fan mounted on a continuous miner to assist and direct air delivery from the machine to the face.
Blending of a gas and air, resulting in a homogeneous mixture. Blending of two or more gases.
To lower the concentration of a mixture; in this case the concentration of any hazardous gas in mine air by addition of fresh intake air.

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