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Cable bolt
A steel cable, capable of withstanding tens of tonnes, cemented into a drillhole to lend support in blocky ground.
In a mine shaft, the device, similar to an elevator car, that is used for hoisting personnel and materials.
Name given to concentrate that is ready for smelting (i.e. the sulphur has been driven off by oxidation).
An option to buy shares at a specified price. The opposite of a put.
Calorific value
The quantity of heat that can be liberated from one pound of coal or oil measured in BTU's.
Cannel coal
A massive, non-caking block coal with a fine, even grain and a conchoidal fracture which has a high percentage of hydrogen, burns with a long, yellow flame, and is extremely easy to ignite.
A protective covering of a cab on a mining machine.
A miner's safety helmet. Also, a highly sensitive, encapsulated explosive that is used to detonate larger but less sensitive explosives.
Cap block
A flat piece of wood inserted between the top of the prop and the roof to provide bearing support.
Captive stope
A stope that is accessible only through a manway.
A railway wagon, especially any of the wagons adapted to carrying coal, ore, and waste underground.
The mechanism for unloading a loaded car.
Carbide bit
More correctly, cemented tungsten carbide. A cutting or drilling bit for rock or coal, made by fusing an insert of molded tungsten carbide to the cutting edge of a steel bit shank.
A method of recovering gold and silver from pregnant cyanide solutions by adsorbing the precious metals to granules of activated carbon, which are typically ground up coconut shells.
A directed throw; in strip-mining, the overburden is cast from the coal to the previously mined area.
A rectangular plate of metal, produced by electrolytic refining, which is melted into commercial shapes such as wirebars, billets, ingots, etc.
Describes a person who has passed an examination to do a required job.
Cesium magnetometer
An geophysical instrument which measures magnetic field strength in terms of vertical gradient and total field.
Chain conveyor
A conveyor on which the material is moved along solid pans (troughs) by the action of scraper crossbars attached to powered chains.
Chain pillar
The pillar of coal left to protect the gangway or entry and the parallel airways.

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