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Dianne Fette's Letter To The Editor

By Dianne Fette 10 June, 2016

If we are honest with ourselves, we would come to the conclusion that while we are on this earth we want to make some kind of contribution.  We want to be remembered for how we participated, what we gave back, what kind of characteristics  we had that helped to make the world a better place.  We want to leave a legacy.

My name is Dianne Fette and I am employed at Pattison Sand Company.  I have been employed with this company for nearly eleven years and I truly believe that what the Pattison family has accomplished thus far falls into the category of leaving a legacy.

Recently there have been meetings held regarding the zoning differential.  This zoning request will enable Pattison Sand Company to continue its operation far into the future. 

The meeting that I, along with several of my co-workers, attended was filled with several people who were opposed to the zoning adjustment because it was going to change the complexion of the beautiful landscape we’ve come to enjoy in Northeast Iowa.  I can absolutely understand the concern that was presented.  I too, being born and raised in Northeast Iowa cherish the beauty that is all around us.  I never take for granted that what I see and am surrounded with each and every day is a coveted visage that so many people long to have but may never experience.

Having said this, enjoying this beauty would not be possible if there was not viable employment in the area which then supports my family.  Pattison Sand Company, in full force, puts food on the tables of over 250 employees.  The jobs at Pattison Sand Company do more than just put food on the table though; they provide opportunity for growth and encourage learning and involvement not only in the company but in the communities where we live.  Pattison Sand Company is a family operation and the employees are treated as family.  There is genuine concern for you as a person and Kyle is seen and involved daily with what is happening there.  I feel very fortunate to have the opportunities I have without the corporate frustrations a similar position would involve. 

During the meeting I attended much concern was expressed regarding the volume of traffic and visible construction regarding expansion of the current operation of Pattison Sand Company on the Great River Road.  Ironically, these same subjects were probably voiced concerns when the road itself was constructed.  Although it is a prestigious road following the path of the Mississippi River, it too would have disrupted the quiet landscape and way of life prior to its arrival.  Any form of progress changes the complexion of the landscape in some way…..even building a retirement dream home disruptions what was previously there because of our involvement. 

In conclusion I’d like to say that it is indeed possible for everyone to co-exist on this planet but it takes cooperation and understanding of how a movement not only affects us privately but the other parties involved as well.              


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