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Carl Orr's Letter to the Editor

By Carl Joesph Orr 20 May, 2016

My name is Carl Orr. I am a current Pattison Sand Company employee. I manage our operations on the Wisconsin side. I wanted to write this letter to explain why approving the zoning could help the local economy and to assure people that it will be done right.



Approx 3.5 years ago I was a Bridgeport Wisconsin resident.  I lived in that area for about 18 years. I currently live in Prairie du Chien. But, I lived in the Bridgeport area while Pattison Sand Company was looking to open a surface mine on a nearby property. At the town hall meetings I sat and listened to what the residence had to say and to what Pattison Sand Company had to say.


At the time I was neither for nor against opening a surface mine in the area. If I was to take any side I was probably more for the mine than against it. You see, on our family farm in Bagley Wisconsin we had a sand pit which could be classified as a surface mine. We hauled sand out of the pit for over 20 years and it is still active. Even though this was on a smaller scale it did provide a few jobs to people in the area and it provided product for the surrounding farmers as the sand was used of bedding for dairy operations. So, as I looked at it from this perspective I knew that a mine in Bridgeport could be good for the economy and would create local jobs.


A couple of years ago, after the Bridgeport mine opened I took a tour of the operations. Having mined sand back on the farm, I interviewed for a position which I am currently working in. My current position with Pattison Sand Company is managing our Wisconsin operations which includes the transload facility in Prairie du Chien and the surface mine in Bridgeport. As the manager of the Bridgeport mine I know that Pattison Sand Company is committed to following the rules and regulations that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has set forth to govern surface mining in Wisconsin. As you all know, there are quite a number of sand mines located in Wisconsin. I have met numerous times with WDNR representatives to review our operations to make sure we are abiding by these rules a regulations. So I can assure you that Pattison Sand Company is committed to following the rules and regulations, just as we do with (INDR) Iowa Department of Natural Resources.


I have some idea what residents and Supervisors are going through with this upcoming rezoning vote.  I have gone through a very similar situation. I can assure you of this: the Pattison Sand Company is committed to keeping our business in the area which is good for our local economy creating and maintaining good jobs. And we will do it in a responsible way.


Best Regards,

Carl Orr

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