Aggregates Produced by Pattison

Aggregates - Produced by Pattison

Our aggregates are high quality Ordovician Age dolomitic limestone that lies both above and below the St. Peter Sandstone which we mine for our oil & gas frac sand business. Please contact Pattison directly for a current list of state DOT certified products and specifications.
Bedding Stone

Throughout the year, Pattison produces clean screened bedding stone to specification for utility and pipeline fill construction projects.

Concrete Stone

During non-freezing conditions, Pattison produces washed concrete stone to state DOT specifications required for a variety of highway and other projects.

Asphalt Stone

Pattison can produce a variety of hot mix asphalt stone and chip sizes based upon individual customer requirements.

Ballast Rock

Pattison produces both sub-ballast and ballast rock suitable for industrial rail siding projects including for its own unit train rail expansion.

Washed Mfg. Sand

Pattison’s washed manufactured sand has been specifically recommended by the Iowa DOT as a product. Oneota High Traffic stone!

Rip Rap

Pattison produces all classes of rip rap that will meet both individual state DOT and Army Corp of Engineers District specifications.

DOT Approved Aggregate Products

Geologic age matters when it comes to aggregate physical properties. Older rocks are generally more competent and less absorptive for various applications such as Portland Cement Concrete Stone and Bituminous Asphalt Stone. During initial development of our long-term quarry operations, we will be mining the Oneota and Shakopee Dolomites. These represent superior grade State DOT specification aggregate. They are desirable for concrete stone, asphalt stone, manufactured sand and rip rap. In fact, Iowa DOT has developed a specific quality characteristic for Oneota manufactured sand because its properties are so much better than limestone.

Pattison has received approval from the State of Iowa DOT and is working on certifications from neighboring states including Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota and Wisconsin. The same is true for the various Army Corp of Engineers Districts in and around Iowa. We also expect FAA certification for airport runway construction projects.

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Pattison Sand Company State DOT Spec Aggregate Formations

Over the years, we have mined and sold aggregates that were removed as part of the surface mining campaigns associated with development of the St. Peter Sandstone. As such, Pattison has a history with the Iowa DOT and Army Corp of Engineers in having various benches of these aggregates certified for use. Now, in conjunction with our Unit Train Rail Expansion Project, we must excavate several miles of railroad bed to grade. This excavation through many of these limestone formations allows us the unique opportunity to also develop on a long-term basis, the adjacent limestone aggregate resources that exist on Pattison land.

Market Reach and Long-Term Aggregate Resources

Because of our unique location in the northeast corner of Iowa, and our excellent working relationship with CP, IAIS, TS&W and WSOR, we can reach rail-served aggregate terminals in a multi-state region including Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska and Wisconsin. Our mutual benefit partnership with CP over the years allows us to access various CP-direct rail terminals in this multi-state regional marketplace at very competitive delivered value to the right location. These locations are where rail’s lower cost per ton-mile overcomes the initial rail miles cost and provides better delivered value compared to trucking from other sources.

Pattison high quality dolomitic aggregates are valued for potential use in those regional areas where comparable crushed stone aggregate quality may not be available. For example, the southwest corner of Iowa is particularly devoid of these higher quality aggregates that must be brought in generally by truck from long distances. Also, the Twin Cities area of Minnesota is a predominately sand and gravel market with limited available high quality crushed stone resources as is shown on the adjacent map. Many areas within Pattison’s regional extended market reach only contain local sand & gravel quarries and do not have access to high quality crushed stone aggregates. As you can see the potential competitive market region is extensive.

Pattison land contains over 100 million tons of aggregate resources which we are planning to develop on a long-term basis over the next 35 years. We commenced initial aggregate production and shipment in January 2017. Our intent is to build production up to approximately 3 million tons/year. We intend to develop these regional markets by cultivating key strategic partnerships with large aggregate consumers who can benefit from specific regional distribution rail terminals near their intended use that matches up with CP's UN-utilized capacity.

Transloading Locations

We invite you to explore our potential delivered value by investigating possible transloading locations that may be near your construction projects. Please click on the link to each of our partner railroad system maps for possible terminal locations within our general extended market reach.

Our Aggregates Provide Diversification & Competitive Advantages

Our core business is producing high quality sand used for hydraulic fracturing in the oil & gas industry. This is a volatile business with frequent changes in volume and revenue associated with fluctuations in the price of oil & natural gas. The aggregates business is expected to help Pattison balance some of this inherent volatility by developing stable regional outlets for aggregate volume that provide better distribution point value than alternative sources via truck. Another benefit is better rail car utilization (cars used for both products) allowing the railroads to have more options for building trains and maximizing loaded mile capacity.

Our Aggregate Business supports Clayton County 10 Year Plan

The ability to expand economic development is very important to Clayton County. Our aggregate operations will provide another viable ongoing business for the county that result in new jobs, new tax revenues and additional support-related business activities in the county. The entire Pattison team takes great pride in knowing that we are helping to create economic value and development in an area where rural jobs are typically shrinking.

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The Pattison family has, for their entire 60-year history, consistently proven their commitment to their customers, employees, their community and the environment.

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