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We market the majority of our products to locations where we have a competitive logistical advantage that matches the products we produce and those that value the benefits of a family company. This competitive advantage is led by locations where our rail carriers and Tran’s loaders are most efficient so we all can compete and thrive in all market conditions. We view all participants in the process as partners and market our products in a manner that meets or exceeds all stakeholders’ expectations. We have the ability to adjust quickly to customer’s needs. We can adjust the feed stock to our processing plant so that we can load single product unit trains when needed.


Producing the highest quality proppants since 2008, Delivering them to the Oil & Gas industries reliably for over a decade.


Able to respond to changing demands, We can shift the processing plant to produce more of a different type of grade.


Family owned and operated, with leadership on site every day, critical decisions are made quickly, and without hesitation.


Our products are labratory tested throughout the loading and delivery process against exacting standards to insure consistency.

Products - Produced by Pattison

Our core business is supplying high quality silica sand proppants to the energy industry. Our aggregates business developed as a direct result of needing to expand our sand rail loading capability through our high quality limestone formations. Our clean water technology business resulted from our desire to create products from recycling waste processing streams also from our sand operation.


Our proppants are made of a high-purity quartz sand that is very round, crush-resistant, and are produced for use by the petroleum industry.

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Our aggregates are produced from high quality dolomitic limestone that meets multi-state DOT specifications for a variety of products from concrete stone to rip rap.

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Clean Water

Our clean water technology uses a patent pending process for removing phosphorus and other pollutants to levels not previously achieved.

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Mine Locations

Pattison Sand Company services North America from two mine locations that operate 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Locations in Clayton IA, and in Bridgeport, WI. insure uninturupted delivery at any time of the year.

Rail Transportation

WSOR – BN – NS – UP, Unit Train facility Loads 50 cars per day
CP facility Loads 80 cars per day.


Barge facility on the Mississippi river, operational March through November


Trucks can be loaded from our processing plant and 100 mesh plant

Transload Facilities

Transload facilities located in Big Lake TX, Comanche TX, Fort Stockton TX, Laredo TX, Longview TX, San Angelo, TX - McKees Rocks, PA - New Town, ND - Oklahoma City, OK and Steubenville, OH.

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icon 701 1st Street - Clayton IA 52049


icon (563) 964-2860

Hours of Operation

Office Open Monday - Friday: 8am to 4pm

Operating Hours - 24/7

About Pattison

The Pattison family has, for their entire 60-year history, consistently proven their commitment to their customers, employees, their community and the environment.

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Contact Information

We would be delighted to hear from you.  Feel free contact us any time.
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