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The Pattison team has a deep passion for bringing value to customers.   When presented with a need, we deliver value, new ideas, and innovative solutions.  Recently, Pattison partnered with Iowa State University and the Iowa Research Engineering department to combat the costly problem of roadway erosion.  To solve this critical problem, we combined a locally sourced road base material with a bi-product of our sand production process to dramatically improve the stabilization of the road surface. This innovation improved surface water shed, increased the life span of the roadway and decreased required road surface maintenance.

If you have problem, We may have the solution..  Our team is committed to bringing real cost saving solutions to our customers.

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We’re Located on the banks of the Mississippi River. We’re one of the only sources of Aggregates and Proppants that can load directly onto Rail, Truck or Barge from the same facility! We and ship anywhere in the world. We’d love to hear from you!

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