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Pattison Sand Commissions New Tunnel Feeder Plant

Pattison Sand Company is days away from commissioning a $2,200,000 tunnel feeder plant to enhance their aggregate production facility while improving quality and response time to customers. Pattison Sand has long been known for its innovative approach to problem solving. The project has been under development for 16 months. The tunnel feeder idea was born[...]

Progressive Rail Partners with PSC

Progressive Rail, Inc. Oct 23rd, 2017 – Not all rocks are created equal and Pattison Sand Company has a quarry footprint spanning 750 acres of new rock to prove it. This new product can catapult your company out of the old stone age. The quarry is primarily comprised of dolomitic limestone. Dolomitic limestone is a term used for[…]

Pattison Sand to Get Rail Spur

The Iowa Department of Transportation approved more than $1,100,000.00 in funding to support a rail-expansion project by Pattison Sand Co., according to the Telegraph Herald. The company will receive a $700,482 loan and $252,000 grant through the DOT’s Railroad Revolving Loan and Grant Program. The funds will help the company create a spur track at its[…]


We here at Pattison Sand Company our excited and proud to let everyone know that our new aggregate plant has now been commissioned for full operation. So far this year we have produced approximately 90k tons of material in total. Some of this material was recycled for our own use as well as sold to[…]