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Hundreds of outstanding team members

With a team the size if ours, we can't list everyone on our web site. But the hundreds of members of our team are some of the best and brightest in our community and in our industry, and we're very proud to consider them part of the Pattison family.

Each one is skilled in what they do, and part of a dynamic group that works every day to insure that American Energy Independence starts with Pattison Sand Company.

Our Leadership

Pattison Sand Company is a family owned and operated business serving the Oil & Gas industries. We employ upwards of 300 people producing industrial sand for the natural gas and oil industries.

Bernard Pattison

Bernard is a partner, mentor, and adviser to the company. he provides decades of experience and understand that are vital to the company. Bernard is one of the founders of the company and it's predecessors, and continues to assist the company in numerous ways.

Kyle Pattison
Managing Partner

Kyle graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in accounting and understands the value of association. He has served on the National Feed and Grain board for many years as well as the Agri Business Association of Iowa which led to becoming the Chairman of the Board.

Arnetta Pattison

Arnetta is also a partner, mentor, and provides acute insight into issues, and provides guidance and advice to the company's executives. Her keen understanding of the business affords her a perspective that is invaluable to the company.

Senior Management

Pattison Sand Company is managed by a impressive group of professionals that bring years of experience and significant training to the company. These individuals guide the company's operations.

Dan Wiethorn
Chief Financial Officer

Dan joined the Pattison Sand Company in July 2007 as CFO. Prior to joining us, Dan was employed by Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Deloitte & Touche for five years. He holds a B.A. from the University of Iowa, and a MBA from Pepperdine University and is a member of the American Institute of CPAs

Courtney Severson
HR Director

Courtney A. Severson joined the Pattison Team in 2004. Today Courtney manages all facets of Human Resources for the organization. Courtney works closely with our leaders to refine their supervisory/management and planning skills. She also collaborates with all employees to help them reach their full potential and become top performers.

Mike Orr
Marketing & Production Mgr.

Mike joined the Pattison Sand family in April of 1995. Mike graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Ag Studies from IA State University and has spent the last 20 years working in the grain logistics and marketing industry. Mike oversees the scheduling of our sand production to match to the demand of our current sales.

Tim Adkins
Health & Safety Director

Tim joined Pattison in 2015 and has over 38 years of experience in mine health and safety. A graduate of Sou. Illinois University with a B.S. in Mining, he is a Certified Mine Safety Professional, past President of the Illinois Mine Rescue Assoc., and has served on numerous mining industry H&S Committees.

Tom Wilson
Advisor, Sand Technology Group

Tom Wilson brings experience and understanding of the fracking industry; this includes the various crosslinkers and pumping fluids as well as expertise at demonstrating performance-enhancing beneficiation of sand for the oil industry. Tom specializes in performance metrics for fluids.

Mike Minkel
Aggregates & ecoProducts Marketing Mgr.

Mike joined Pattison in 2016 and brings over 40 years diverse experience in resource assessment and strategic market development of coal, oil & gas, industrial minerals and aggregates. Mike is responsible for leading the marketing and new business development efforts for Pattison aggregates and ecoProducts clean water technology.

Administrative Support

Members of the Pattison administrative support staff shoulder the load every day, making Pattison a fantastic place to forge a career. They keep things running the way things should.

Jen Peak
Human Resources

Jen joined the Pattison Sand family in 2010. She is a graduate of UW-Platteville with a B.S. in Geography and a 2nd in Social Science. Jen enjoys working with people and finds satisfaction in being able to offer job opportunities to the local community where she grew up, and calls home.

Pam Johanningmeier
Sales Manager

Pam has over 35 years of sales and marketing experience and joined the Pattison Sand family in 2008. She enjoys working with our customers and identifying current market opportunities.

Nick Miller
Information Technology

Nick has been with Pattison since 2008, and with the help of Pattison's continuing education support program, He has worked his way up from the Control department, all the way to Information Technology.

Team Managers & Coordinators

The Pattison team is made up of hundreds of highly qualified, highly motivated individuals who engage their special talents and skills every day. These incredible people are lead by individuals who have proven themselves to be forged from the 'Right Stuff'.

Chance Harvey
Director of Engineering

Chance holds a degree in Civil Engineering and joined our team in 2010. He serves as our director of engineering and is responsible for mine planning, process improvement projects and new business development. Chance also serves on the management team for ecoProducts Limited assisting in strategic business development for water treatment projects.

Amir Bagherieh
Mine Engineer

Amir joined Pattison Sand Company after graduating from Missouri University of Science and Technology in 2016 with a Ph.D. in mining engineering (geotechnical engineering/rock mechanics emphasis). Amir’s research on ground control and mechanical properties of St. Peter sandstone provides technical expertise to our mining team.

Brian Coates
Rail Shipping Co-Mgr

Brian joined the Pattison Sand team in June of 2014 and is currently one of the Clayton Rail Shipping Co-Managers. Brian holds an Associate’s Degree from Northeast Iowa Community College in AutoCad (Computer Drafting).

Jim Bausch
Mine & TL Ops Co-Mgr

Jim started with Pattison Sand in January 2013. Prior to that, Jim farmed in the Glen Haven area for 62 years. (That is NOT a mis-print!) Besides his regular duties, Jim is there for his employees and fellow workers. If they need help with a repair or need a break I am glad to help them out.

Sean Acton
Maint Dept Manager

Sean joined Pattison more than 5 years ago as the pipe lead. Soon he was promoted to Maintenance Manager and has served in that capacity for 3 years. Sean is a skilled pipe fitter who learned his trade while serving in the US Navy Seabees from 1988-1993. He has a25 year background in construction.

Ray Pope
Logistics Manager

Ray has been with the Pattison Sand family for 25 years. He has had the opportunity to hold several positions during his 25 years of employment with the Pattison family.

Aaron Marx
100 Mesh Prod Mgr

Aaron joined the PSC in 2008. He brings 12+ years of industrial fabrication experience as well as holds an AA in Business Administration. He is currently working towards his double business major in Management and Corporate Finance.

Tim Severson
Rail Shipping Co-Mgr

Tim started with Pattison Sand in March of 2010. He began working in the rail department and now serves as the Rail Supervisor for the past five years. Prior to coming to PSC, Tim was in the construction industry for 12 years.

Carl Orr
Mine & TL Ops Co-Mgr

Carl has been with Pattison sand for 1.5 years and comes to us with vast experience. He has 28 years of experience in various leadership roles and holds an Associates Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He holds numerous industry certifications, and focuses on to the Wisconsin operations side of PSC.

Tim Wisch
Maint. Coordinator

Tim started with Pattison Sand in 2013 as the Maintenance Coordinator. Before coming to PSC, Tim worked in the maintenance manufacturing field and spent many years at other manufacturing facilities. Tim also served in the Army with a job focus in the hydraulics field working on artillery and tanks.

Rod Errthum
Plant Co-Mgr

Rod joined the Pattison Sand team in 2008. Pattison Sand has given Rod opportunities to further his training in Leadership Development and 5S Workplace Organizational Training. Rod feels that his leadership, troubleshooting and problem solving skills are some of his most important contributions to the company.

Josh Corlett
Plant Co-Mgr

Josh started as Control Room Operator with Pattison Sand in 2008. Before joining the Pattison team he was a Harrier Power Plant mechanic in the United States Marine Corps and was with VMA Squadron 542 based out of Cherry Point, NC. After leaving the Marine Corps he worked as a finish carpenter.

Kamran Ardestani
Health and Safety Coordinator

Kamran joined the Pattison team in April 2013 were he started out as miner. He was soon promoted to the lead blaster position and in May of 2015 Kamran started his new career chapter at Pattison’s in the Health and Safety Department. Kamran is responsible for conducting industrial hygiene testing and improvements.

Billy Hoefer
Project Engineer

Billy joined Pattison Sand Company after graduating from the University of Northern Iowa in 2011 with a Degree in Construction Management. He serves as our Project Engineer and is responsible for project design and integration.

Brad Gilson
Night Ops Manager

Brad started with Pattison in October of 2008. He currently is our Night Operations Manager but has served on the former Mine Rescue Team for 5 years as a captain. He was a Mine Supervisor for 6 years prior to moving to the Night Operations Manager. Brad’s background is in the dairy industry.

Del Glover
Electrical Manager

Del learned the electrical trade from his father at a very young age and together they started Glover Electric. He has over 30 years of experience in his electrical career, and has made numerous valuable contributions to the company. Del joined the Pattison team in 2008.

Steve Janes
Maint. Coordinator

Steve has been with Pattison Sand for over 5 years. Prior to becoming the Maintenance Co-Coordinator, Steve was the Greaser Supervisor and the Crushing Line Supervisor and a member of the former Mine Rescue Team. Steve has a certification from the International Council of Mechanical Lubricators (ICML)

Rob Priem
Rolling Stock Mgr

Rob holds a 2 yr. degree in Diesel mechanics, 16 yrs. as a Field Service Tech., 24yrs. as a Shop Supervisor, 41/2 yrs. being at Pattison Sand. His most important contribution to this company is having the pleasure of managing a service department that is second to none.

Adam Heal
Electrical Engineer

Adam worked at PSC as an intern for 3 summers before being hired full-time in June of 2015. Adam graduated from UW-Platteville in 2015 with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Adam is responsible for the coordination of projects throughout our process primarily focusing on design and implementation of electrical components.

Josh Sherman
Mine Engineer

Josh joined Pattison Sand Company after graduating from Missouri University of Science and Technology in 2013 with a degree in Mining Engineering. He serves as our Mine Engineer and is responsible mine planning and mining process improvement projects.

Scott Hollaway
Night Ops Manager

Scott joined the Pattison Sand team in March 2006 – starting while the family was still in the grain business. As they transitioned to industrial sand, Scott began working in the mine, worked his way to supervisor, then began in the dry and wet plant operations. Scott is originally from Illinois.

Ryan Novinska
Mine Operations Manager

Ryan started his career with Pattison in May of 2011. He began as a Heavy Equipment Operator and quickly moved up to a shift supervisor. Two years later he was promoted a general foreman position and from there became Assistant Mine Manager. Ryan has 10 years of mining experience.

Doug Davey
Purchasing Co-Mgr

Doug was born and raised in Colorado – farming, ranching, trucking, and residential construction – start to finish. Doug moved to Iowa 10 years ago. Doug found a home here at Pattison 4 years ago. He started out in maintenance – servicing and maintaining Pumps. He joined the Purchasing Team in 2014.

John Hendrix
Environmental Compliance Mgr.

John began his career with Pattison Sand in May 2011 worked in the Rolling Stock Equipment Greasing Department. In 2012 John began working in the Environmental Department. John also is responsible for Tier 2 reporting, Spills (procedures and supplies), Air Quality and reporting and permitting.

What our employees have to say

At Pattison Sand Company, our employees come first!. We are constantly on the look out for great people to share in our growth! We employ nearly 300 dedicated people and if you are interested in the chance to join an incredible team working in a dynamic and challenging environment, read what our employees have to say below, and click the button to view the positions available now!

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About Pattison

The Pattison family has, for their entire 60-year history, consistently proven their commitment to their customers, employees, their community and the environment.

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