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The Pattison family has more than a 60-year history of contributing to our community and providing jobs and economic stability to the people of the region. Click on a year below to understand more about that rich history.

The history of the sand mine prior to Pattison

The sand mine, now owned and operated by Pattison, was opened in the 1870s as an open pit mine, and operated by various companies. In 1945, mining operations were expanded underground. Martin Marietta operated the underground mine for the 17 years leading up to Pattison's acquisition in 1983

Pattison Acquires the mine

Innovation comes naturally to the Pattison family. Back in the 50’s they introduced nitrogen to area farmers. Many were skeptical. So, the Pattison’s offered special incentives to get them to try it. Farmers were surprised at the value nitrogen added and it has been a staple for local agriculture ever since.

In 1969 Bernard Pattison sensed that he wasn't alone in the frustration he was facing with the prices and services he was getting with his grain marketing. So, he decided to do something about it. He found a nice piece of land on the river and built an innovative grain terminal. Soon, they were shipping upwards of 1,000 grain barges a year, giving area farmers access to world markets and better prices.

In l983, Pattison purchased the mine and started to store fertilizer and other bulk commodities in the vast underground acreage of the existing mine. The mine has 14 miles of tunnels and provided a total capacity of 60 acres of underground storage area. The mine provides a low humidity environment with a relatively constant temperature of around 50 degrees, perfect for storing may types of materials

Pattison considers re-opening the mine

In the fall of 2004, Pattison was approached by geologists who worked for the mine's prior owner to consider re-opening its Clayton silica sand mine. After extensive research into the subject, the Pattison managment team conducted a year of extensive and detailed planning, and in 2005, commensed development work to prepare the mine for operations

Pattison begins mining operations

In 2007, Pattison sold the grain business to a long time strategic partner, and commenced mining operations having completed the installation of all required processing and loading equipment, and prepping the mine for safety and operations, Pattison, and their highly trained and certified crew of over 50 people, commenced mining operations

Today Pattison is the first link in the energy independence chain

Today, Pattison Sand Company employs upwards of 300 people, and leads the charge towards American Energy Independence by producing industrial sand for the natural gas and oil industries. Our product is an incredibly clean, gleaming white, rounded grain silica sand that is a vital part of the process to safely tap into the oil bearing shale that lies miles below below the water table through thousands of feet of solid rock in large portions of our nation.

And it doesn't stop there. Believing that we all drink from the same well, Pattison Sand Company installed equipment to recycle over 90% of the water used cleaning the sand. In the process we discovered an innovative way to pull phosphorus and other nasty chemicals out of wastewater. We created a separate company called ecoProducts Limited. With a lab in Lakeland Florida, they are now beginning to market the system that will help us win the fresh water eutrophication battle. Scientists at the labs are also working on innovations that will add value to the sand used in proppants.

Looking for ways to increase efficiency and better serve customers, Pattison Sand Company has now embarked on another ambitious project. Pattison Sand is building a state-of-the-art rail siding and load out facility on the mine property. This will require the removal of millions of tons of rock. They will add value to that excavated rock and sell it as aggregate. It will be used throughout the Midwest for roads, bridges and improved infrastructure.

The construction will take more than three years to complete. It will create both more good paying jobs and greater job stability for our people. The efficiencies created by the rail load out project will mean better service and pricing for customers. It's just the latest chapter of what the Pattison family has been doing for a long time; utilizing innovation, adding value and creating opportunity

Where we are
Our mine and all mining operations are located at a substantial distance above the river level. We have a highly efficient loading and unloading terminal infrastructure along the Mississippi River that can service barges, trains, and trucks. The fleeting area has room for 86 barges, and is marshalled by a professional tug service. Our products can be delivered anywhere in the world.

What we do

Our core business is supplying high quality silica sand proppants to the energy industry. Our aggregates business developed as a direct result of needing to expand our sand rail loading capability through our high quality limestone formations. Our clean water technology business resulted from our desire to create products from recycling waste processing streams also from our sand operation.

The Mine
The mining of St. Peter Sandstone, Oneota and Shakopee Dolomites that has re-vitalized the local economy on many occasions. This underground mine is of the "room and pillar" type. The rooms are thirty-three feet square and fifty two feet apart where a fifty-two foot square pillar is left intact. There are approximately 850 acres of underground mine and 1,600 acres of surface area. Our processing facilities include crushing, wet and dry plant operations, rail, truck and barge load-outs, and miscellaneous reclamation areas.
The Process

Sand grains that are naturally cemented together are separated using three stages of crushing. Once the sand is broken into individual grains, it is mixed with water and sent to the wet processing plant where the sand is separated into various sizes and then dried. Lime Stone aggregates are high quality Ordovician Age dolomitic limestone that lies both above and below the St. Peter Sandstone which we mine for our oil & gas frac sand business. The aggregate is crushed and sized to customer’s specifications and class requirements at our new state of the art crushing facility.

EPL clean water process technology can work with the specific client to help quantify the efficiency and overall cost basis of the current treatment process and then make recommendations for where to deploy its process to provide maximum value.

Our Products

Our proppants are made of a high-purity quartz sand that is very round, crush-resistant, and are produced for use by the petroleum industry.

Our aggregates are produced from high quality dolomitic limestone that meets multi-state DOT specifications for a variety of products from concrete stone to rip rap.

Our clean water technology uses a patent pending process for removing phosphorus and other pollutants to levels not previously achieved.

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About Pattison

The Pattison family has, for their entire 60-year history, consistently proven their commitment to their customers, employees, their community and the environment.

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