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Pattison Aggregate Types

Coarse Material

A high quality stone used in a binded or unbinded applications.

Fine Material

For use in concrete, asphalt, backfill, and other applications.

Base Material

A high quality stone mixture of fine and coarse materials.

Specialty Products

Products include clay slurry, applied with sand and gravel materials.

Pattison Aggregate Products

Pattison Sand Company produces high quality aggregates for the construction industry.   With rock, age matters and Northeast Iowa has bountiful resources of some of the oldest stone in the Midwest, with nearly 750 acres of land, the Pattison Quarry is comprised of Ordovician stone producing high quality dolomitic limestone.

Pattison rock products receive the highest ratings available from the Federal Highway Administration, Iowa Department of Transportation, and others, for use in the construction industry.  This high quality stone is used for concrete, asphalt, secondary roads, erosion control, base stabilization and even mixed with salt for traction control.

Rip Rap

Pattison produces all classes of rip rap that will meet both individual state DOT and Army Corp of Engineers District specifications.

SDS Sheet

Concrete Stone

During non-freezing conditions, Pattison produces washed concrete stone to state DOT specifications required for a variety of highway and other projects.

SDS Sheet

Ballast Rock

Pattison produces both sub-ballast and ballast rock suitable for industrial rail siding projects including for its own unit train rail expansion.

SDS Sheet

Washed or Dry Mfg. Sand

Pattison produces washed and dry manufactured sand to meet our customer's specifications for various construction applications.

SDS Sheet

Asphalt Stone

Pattison can produce a variety of hot mix asphalt stone and chip sizes based upon individual customer requirements.

SDS Sheet

Bedding Stone

Throughout the year, Pattison produces clean screened bedding stone to specification for utility and pipeline fill construction projects.

SDS Sheet

DOT Approved Aggregates

Pattison sand company state DOT spec Aggregate formations

Geologic age matters when it comes to aggregate physical properties. Older rocks are generally more competent and less absorptive for various applications such as Portland Cement Concrete Stone and Bituminous Asphalt Stone. During initial development of our long-term quarry operations, we will be mining the Oneota and Shakopee Dolomites. These represent superior grade State DOT specification aggregate. They are desirable for concrete stone, asphalt stone, manufactured sand and rip rap. In fact, Iowa DOT has developed a specific quality characteristic for Oneota manufactured sand because of its physical and geological properties.

Pattison has received approval from the State of Iowa DOT and is working on certifications from neighboring states including Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota and Wisconsin. The same is true for the various Army Corp of Engineers Districts in and around Iowa. We have received FAA certification for airport runway construction projects.

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